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How to Become an English Ninja in No Time

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Everyone writes important messages every day. Whether it is a report for a client, important e-mail to a colleague, school essay or just quick get-in-touch with your love, you want your English to be perfect, rich and without any issues. I will show you a tool Grammarly, that will check everything for you – spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and writing style. It will also help you to fine tune your text to be sexy and appealing.

We Are Not Perfect, And We Are Not Ashamed of It

English might be your native language, or it might be your second or third one, as it is for me. We all have something in common – we do not care about our grammar. It simply takes too much time to think about it, and no one bothers with Googling of the grammar rules.
Grammarly - jak psát profesionálně anglicky a zadarmo
Everybody uses those cool abbreviations like FYI, ASAP and almost nobody knows a difference between Your and You’re. What a shame! For you and me and everyone – here is a tool that solves this problem once for all.

Grammarly – a Tool That Turned Me Into an English Grammar Ninja

I write a lot of e-mail in English; it is my job. I used to be ashamed of sending e-mail in English only because I did not feel confident about my writing skills. The ending of my very first English email looked like this:
Grammarly - jak psát profesionálně anglicky a zadarmo
Damn it! I made two clear mistakes in two sentences, but I did not know about them. Today, I just put it into Grammarly a voila, it took about one second to tell me that I was wrong.

English Proofreading Everywhere

It does not matter if you are writing an e-mail, a Word document or you are planning social media posts. Grammarly has you covered all around. It goes through your text in a real time and gives you advice as-you-go.
They have even a plugin for all browsers, online app, and desktop app. Only phones are not covered, but they say that phone app will be out soon.

What Does Grammarly Can Check For You

Grammarly - jak psát profesionálně anglicky a zadarmo

Who Should Use Grammarly

Everybody who writes more than two English sentences in a year. Almost all of the functions are for free, you do not need a credit card to set up an account, and it is ad-free.

Grammarly is Free

Check it out here; it is completely free.

How to Become an English Ninja in No TimeHow to Become an English Ninja in No Time

Secret Tip – Never Buy a Premium for a Full Price

When you run out of your trial Premium account, ask Grammarly to extend it. Tell them, that you need more time to decide whether to buy it or not. They will be more than happy to provide you with a free month.
After this month they will reach to you to ask if you liked it. Just ignore those attempts. In about two weeks, after a cannonade of e-mails, you will receive a 50 % discount for a year subscription.

Grammarly - jak psát profesionálně anglicky a zadarmo