Naposledy aktualizováno: 2. Duben, 2017

Who am I?

I am an ordinary person like you. Or you. Or like you. I am almost 25 years old and the last two years I am struggling about my future. From the time where I was totally lost and anxious about future, I have made a good progress. Today I am on a path to becoming better person with defined goals and clear life path, which is going to be extraordinary.

As part of my daily exercising I have decided to write a blog about everything that attracts me. To write blog about things I have tried and mastered, or failed. All the experiments I do, routines I establish and failures I experience during my journey.

What are my main sources of inspiration?

Tim Ferris / Noah Kagan / Vishen Lakhiani / MindValley Academy

Special thanks goes to my girlfriend Lucy who supports me in everything I do. I love you so much.